From boring to fun…unleash the creativity in you

The stress of quarantine time is hard to survive. There’s a lot that you miss from the outside world. While it’s true that there’s a lot of things you can do online ‘at the comfort of your home,’ it is also true that working in front of your laptop or cellphone is no comfort at all. In fact, if you ask those who used to work in the office who are working at home at present, if which set up is better, I bet most of them would say it is better to work in the office. Why? Because the stress level of working from home is higher than in the office. You lose track of the time. You forget to brush your teeth, take a bath, clean the house. Worst is, you eat a lot.

But there are ways so you’ll not fall under the spell of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can do useful things away from the negative ions bursting out from your computer. Just unlock your creativity and create something beautiful and useful.

Clean Up
Clean up some bottles and make use of them simply as flower vases. There might be some vintage bottles in your storage which can become elegant pieces at home.

Play with colors to relieve your stress. You don’t need a hand of an artist to create a masterpiece. Just express yourself and put your feelings into it. Let your hands speak your heart.

Bake and Create
Craving for something sweet but locked down? Treat yourself by creating your favorite cake or dessert. Choose your ingredients and explore new tastes.

Fresh is always the best when it comes to food so why don’t you grow your own? You don’t need a green thumb to do so. Just enough care and patience plus water and sunlight, surely they will grow.

These are just some (and the most common) home remedies for stress from all the loads at work. Simple and fun. Find time for it so you’ll be recharged before you get on board your work again. – MNP